A happy retirement, a congressman’s big step forward as a lawyer.

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A happy retirement, activist who was prosecuted for violating

the Criminal Code of 112, Post Facebook Thursday (28th century) to the executive board and members of the National Assembly of the far-away party who told the story of the 11th century struggle, the 255th century.

This activist revealed that at the time

his family decided to change lawyers from morals because of the fact that you ignored the case, claiming that you were just volunteering to serve a case to the public.

A happy retirement, your reputation by saying

that you didn’t pay much attention to it at the time, considering it’s a difficult case to solve, and considering that you’ve at least helped yourself.

“Middleman was my lawyer in case 112 in 2554 but

when I passed through the family I asked for a new lawyer to be replaced because

I wasn’t paying enough attention to preparing for the case, specifying that it was just a volunteer case to publicize it, not to be too surprised.”

“So I don’t care about the case of a middle-class lawyer

who’s been helping me with a case, at least I can see that it’s okay to fight for justice.”

take a long step in the investigation-a successful law enforcement toast

Besides, you’re also mentioned here.

The mood to vote for the new party is the rejection by the

Thai party, but one is encouraged by the new party’s good policies and by the fact that there are more brave members of the party than the others.

Even so, the way you say you don’t.Supporting

the amendment of the Criminal Code 112 makes one not sure whose representative you are, and the party’s actions are no longer based on the same ideology.Far away

interrogate Mr. Moodle and report all the results of the investigation.

You’re still giving up on your party’s wishes for you.A long way to go to fix the 11th grade.

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