Brother “Fuck you” has a will against “I’m 90 million.”

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Brother in the case of a literary genius or a 49-year-old monk who filed a petition with the Supreme Court of India to be the joint heir of a 41-year-old c

ommon man or “shit” ex-husband who was awarded $90 million on November 1st, 2561 together, but then two years later.I don’t want to be a martyr, which makes me so eager to fight back, and I want to live with tears, and I want to break up with you because you’re so complicated. Everything that’s a marriage isn’t a divorce.

Brother  the unexpected happened on November 19th, 2563

when he suddenly died of a blood-borne infection, causing both sides to be confused by the fact that he had registered his eldest daughter’s “Neveira” as adopted, which is considered a legitimate heir, but whose cousin claimed to have a will in the bank.She went off on November 25th, 2563 and then followed.

A reporter from J. Udhani’s report came at 4.30 p.m. on January 27, 2564 a 49-year-old intellectual or a 90-million-year-old woman came to

the court of J.U. Udhani to hear her appeal after she transferred her successor to the “Neveira” sister-in-law or legal guardian.So you’re not interviewing, and you’re supporting a 50-year-old, brother-in-law, traveling with his sister, lawyer, and cousin to protest against her not being a joint estate manager. on the pretext ofBitch has already made a will, both sides going into court for over an hour to hear the trial and walk out.

The lawyer revealed that today’s court is holding a hearing to appoint Yeo as

the manager of your inheritance, but the brother-in-law has objected to the request for an inheritance on the grounds that he has a will but no will to confirm it, so the preliminary move was postponed until the brother-in-law brought

the will forward if necessary.Four, as the brother of Nevi, who is

the rightful heir, we are registered as legally adopted, holy and righteous. If there’s a will and proof that it’s true, we…Ready to cut us off, and ready to withdraw this request.

Mrs. Lee or Mr. 90 million reveals that in

the past, after the funeral, we have never been in touch

with any of her siblings about this, because before we talked about it, we were still husband and wife, not divorced, so what we’re going to discuss in our family is what we’re going to do with our next of kin,

who is Tonya, Fang, and Nanny, which is…Registered as

the adopted son of a bitch and himself, which is considered to be both his granddaughter and his cousin, one is never confused. I used to make pins when I was alive.I will give you a will, but I’m telling you, no. Everything’s legal.

On the other hand, Mr. Sun, the troublemaker

your lawyer, your brother-in-law, revealed today that the court is to hold a hearing on Sister Neveira’s request for

an heir to the estate, but today the court is postponing

the hearing because her brother-in-law is with the court, which says that she ordered before

the death of the deceased father-in-law.You call for a court order to open a will

or you bring evidence of a will to the court first, which has not yet been heard. No eyewitness accounts yet.

I understand that the will is still in the bank

which we’re not sure is true, because the will that was issued earlier at the bank would have to apply for a court order and be in the process of processing, so it wouldn’t be hard

because the truth is, if it were true, it would be beneficial to

the heir, if it wasn’t, then it would be okay for the heir.Besides, we’re not taking this seriously.

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