Dust! Man’s feet show up by the temple, rescue him from the body’s wrists.

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Dust! Found a dead body’s foot on a river by the temple, couldn’t rescue it

Dust! (24 January 64) at the Treasury Department Library, Chacha, Deputy Chief Investigator, some fish, Chacha, Chacha, Chacha.m.The dead were floating in a river in the Chinese port next to some widows, some big mules, some horses, so they went to the coroner’s office, some doctors, some doctors, some horses, and the lifeguard community on the freeway where some widows were found dead in the water just a foot above the bridge.


The paramedics helped bring the body down for examination but

couldn’t bring it up because the body was tied to some object.

The lifeguard was in the water

so she jumped in

looked shocked to find that the body was locked by an iron chain attached to a motorcycle handle

the lifeguard had to cut the underwater iron down before the body was brought out

and the motorbike came up and tested it as a blue female motorbike with no license plates

and the body had a left-handed chain.

The body was rotting, smelling foul. The body was undetectable.

After the incident, the 62-year-old Mr. Munus Primate traveled to the scene with confirmation that the victim was a child.A 28-year-old man named

Mr. Sirovik, who had a history of hard-working drug abuse and delusional psychosis

went to the Cretan Institute for Rehabilitation after returning home

never giving up on drugs, and had a history of

delusional delusional delusional rage until he couldn’t bear to tell the P.D. authorities to arrest him for rehab in

Jakarta.I’ll be able to pick you up at home. Two months after I got home,I can’t help but eat and sleep

wake up and eat, and then go out and find some more junkie friends.

Before the 2:00 p.m. incident, on January 21st

my son rode out of his home in the jungle

The crime scene came to a friend who was near the crime scene and then disappeared.

I didn’t think my son would come to a friend because he had been in the motorbike owner’s office before

and he called the police to prove that his nephew had been riding out of his house since the 21st.

He didn’t come back until he was found dead.

Cause believed his son was delusional from the drug

so he committed suicide in such a strange way.

The police have sent the body back to a thorough investigation of the cause of death

so there’s no doubt at the institution before the next legal proceeding.

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