Every day, the bicyclist takes a knife to the credit company.

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Every The unsub used a single sword to steal money from

a famous credit company before running away while the police caught him in the act.

The D.O.S. Department of Health, the Deputy Chief of Staff

while visiting the Home Secretary, received a radio call from Mina.The burglary that a famous credit company smashed on bees and the Hogwarts, the Suco-san

went on a trip to check it out of town.

Honorable Director Shu, Development Director

Home Affairs and Investigation found a 26-year-old PRC, a company employee standing by in a state of shock.

Every You campaigned, saying that

while you were in the company alone

there was a Thai male attacker in a black coat, pants.Long-sale, wearing a camouflage hat, claiming to pay the bill

while opening the client’s file

the man pulled out a 50-cm-long sword knife and

threatened to deliver the money in fear, so he opened the drawer to deliver about 10,000 baht.

Besides, the unsub’s wearing a gold ring

that weighs a ton. Before I tell you to lie down on the floor don’t scream.

He ran away, lay down on his face for about five minutes, saw that he was safe

and called the police immediately.

After the police found out the identity of the perpetrator

the D.O.H.O., the Ministry of Justice, the Deputy Chief of Staff

said,I’m not sure if you’re aware of the fact that the Secret Service has been tracking

the escape route so that you can arrest the unsub with a dual-wheeled vehicle while the pink one

has escaped in front of the monastery, over the bees

over the house, over the street, about two kilometers away from the crime scene, and you’re in charge of

the investigation.It’s hard for a lunch break

combined with no money

so it’s a short cut. So

the police have filed charges of theft and transfer of power to the vice-secretaries of

the Supreme Court of Justice to pursue further legal proceedings.

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