First day of school, take a strong stance, do your homework, be comfortable.

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First The N.B.I. checked for open-air traffic after a long break during the Kovid-19 period, providing more than 3,000 traffic police officers with facilities throughout the area.

P.D.G.G.G.A. Specials, deputy chief of staff, and the officers involved in the field are on standby, providing local traffic facilities.Pupils’ High School, Shriyutu Road

after school in Bangkok, reopened its teaching.

First  By Jirsson P.D., it is revealed that today (January 1, 64) traffic images of the city are normal, but crowded in the area of 9th Street, which is not due to the opening of

the semester, but due to construction

one of the reasons why traffic is not serious is that many schools open for intermittent classes, and some schools only open for 8 days.However

the wind-colored sanatorium and the mayor have deployed over 3,000 traffic police throughout the area.

For the foster school, strict measures have been taken to prevent the spread of

the Covoid-19, with infrared cameras in the front of the school to monitor

the temperature, along with the student’s winning the application. Including using gel alcohol before school and not allowing outsiders to enter the school

teaching will be switched to group A and group

B,approximately 900 in each group, to reduce classroom congestion according to

the Ministry of Education’s guidelines for each classroom.You don’t have more than 25 students.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gold Day, the head of the Department of Primary Education

Temporal Research, states that today, the Department of State opened most of

the semester except for the Taipei Waterway School

the Channel District, which asked for a week’s extension because parents of students were found to be infected with the virus.

The atmosphere at the Palace School this morning has brought students back to school as usual, under the patron saint’s name, the director of

the Palace School revealed the I.N.N. News Agency that the school has been preparing students to return to school today for the first day after having stopped studying under

the announcement to prevent the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

By the Palace School, students have been rearranged to go back to the exchange school to reduce the number by half or think of about 1,900 students from all 3,800 by

the students who arrived at the school when they had to pass through the thermal tunnel

check the intai win and wear a health mask throughout the time spent inside the school, with each classroom having a table.Extend the range for safety with a gel alcohol to cleanse the disinfectants for all students.

While the lunch break was being asked for cooperation

students were being asked to prepare their own dining equipment, including lunch, to reduce

the overcrowding in the cafeteria, which today’s atmosphere is generally considered to be neat

while students with disabilities in the Strait of 17 states and one teacher were still refusing to go to school.

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