Good sign! The dean of reincarnation revealed the governor of the ocean

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The latest update, sign! “Governor of the Ocean,” is getting better. Breathe for four hours. Oxygen in normal blood.

sign! Professor of Engineering, Dean of Medical Sciences, University of Mundial, revealed the latest findings of the Honourable Spirit of Light, Governor of the State Department.In the last 24 hours, the governor’s condition has improved continuously, and yesterday, a test stopped using respirators and allowed the governor to breathe for four hours, found oxygen in his blood normal, indicating good news that the lungs are still functioning normally, even without respirators.

Besides, the governor is very kind, his wife and daughter are visiting. Someone’s playing music to stimulate the Governor’s body, and today’s medical team is giving it to him.You know, knock on the beat. The governor can get up and sit 75% of the time, can do a great job of communicating, but right now, the medical team is looking for the technology to help the governor communicate more easily.

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