I confessed, stabbed my 16-year-old son in the chest, died, talked on the phone loudly.

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I confessed He stabbed his 16-year-old son, died, police identified

the crime scene with a confession plan before my foot fell off.

Reporter reports that at 4:00 p.m. at a house, 3rd Company Shilalad, a retired farmer, was found dead.A 44-year-old cop who stabbed a 16-year-old man with a knife.

Given that the evening of the 1st of October 64th, the Eye of the Chief Inspector,

the Retirement Officer, has been granted a waiver,So the stabbing victim went to

the crime scene, covered in blood, and shortly after

the hospital, a 16-year-old A.P.D. found a 44-year-old in a drunken house.

On behalf of Mrs. Jan, your mother claims to have told

the police that you were responsible for stabbing

Mr. A, that you were responsible for the attack.Seth said it wasn’t his son who stabbed him

his son fell on a knife, stabbed him to death, but the police interrogated him until he confessed, so the police brought him to the scene of the confession.

Next, you’re going to tell the police that you’ve been

drinking with your friends until all your friends have gone home, but by the time the son, who’s the victim, talks loudly and talks long, he’s annoyed, but the son’s been arguing with you, and I won’t lower my voice.

He got angry and knocked on the bathroom door while you were about to take a shower to talk, but as you opened the door, the eto knife fell out of your hand

and they took out a sharp kitchen knife in your pocket and stabbed it until you ran down the door into the room.And died later.

The police picked up the crime scene and gave you

the satisfaction of asking your mother’s pardon and bringing her in for further questioning before taking her to the county penitentiary on the 3rd of January 64.

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