The court sued the “black man” in the 2553 Red T-shirt rally.

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The Supreme court ruled on the “Black suit” case in the 2553 Red T-shirt rally, citing the testimony of a low-weight plaintiff.

Courtroom 916, Supreme court Court of Justice reading judgment through video conferencing.Black number number A-4022/2557 at Special Prosecutor’s Office 1 is a plaintiff in honor, honor, honor, calm, effective? Primate, expert or minor, and Punika Schusri is the 1-5th defendant on a joint charge of armed assault, gunfire and explosives you registered could not issue a licence under the 2490 F.B.G. of firearms under Section 4, 8 of Section 55, 72, 78 and for the unauthorized transportation of firearms into the city by the community or public.

The prosecution concluded that on May 10, 2553 all five of the defendants were still on the run and the others were killed.In the past, death has dared to commit a variety of crimes, all together carrying weapons, bullets and explosives that can be used to harm a person’sniper M 79, M 16, HK 33 or AK.

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