The “gold-for-the-world homeless guy” family’s breakfast. Sorry about the reporter.

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The guy’s uncle faked the Golden Fleece. He brought his breakfast to apologize, “Tape.” The local reporter in King Bury’s County revealed his mentally ill nephew.

In case the 33-year-old consul posted a facebook stating that he had found gold in a drain drain behind Donjang’s golf course near the house.The stables, Dontako’s 5th squadron, and the 4th squadron, in Kubua, J.R.

Buryi, have caused a great deal of panic among the general public, which has led to the outbreak of the 19th virus, and have been investigated and verified by the authorities that the matter is untrue.

The guy’s press recently reported that this afternoon, at 17:00, you honor the uncle of the consulate, including the oldest cousin, Qi.I’ve brought you a morning of drinks coming to apologize to Mr. Grimm Klee, an expert or an old-timer,

the correspondent of King Bury, the owner of Paige

Tape, in front of the coroner, flaunting the rich sheriff at the sheriff’s office, who said that the Sheriff’s Office was to make an apology for what the sheriff had said.Threatening.

You honor the Secretary of State’s uncle by saying you must apologize for your nephew and family. That’s why I’m here to make a fool of myself.I’d

like to ask you not to be angry with the Secretary of State, so give him a chance, given his mental illness, to treat his brother because he’s mentally ill

who is acting in front of the Sheriff of King’s Landing, as a witness that

Mr. Grimm Klee, an engineer or an old man, will not be willing to drop the charges, and I’d like to thank him very much for not bringing up the case.

The guy’s And you, Mr. Rinkl or Mr. Tapey, say that from your interview, you can talk to your brother-in-law, but I don’t mind being angry, thanks to your uncle

who represents your family, apologizes to me on the news item that the press is proposing that it’s not true in terms of the guest fee, has already been based on evidence of 2,500 baht.

The other point, which is alleged to have been a death threat

which he himself was never, not a gangster, and the last call he made to his sister was on the 27th of June, when he saw my interviewer, and then he never answered

my phone, so he didn’t understand when he threatened to kill him because he couldn’t contact him

and then he went to the State Police Department to drop off his attorney, and then…The two of them shook hands and embraced each other.

In the case of other cases, the original complaint was filed with

the media, which sparked off Tape’s name, disseminated through

the media without any investigation or interview, causing discredit to the family,

making a person insulted, hated, and any media or news agency, the initial two were filed.amassing evidence for further investigation

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