The tub tested 780 villages after the New Year’s Eve spread.

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The tub examined the village after more than 10 patients

The tub were found infected by the village’s New Year’s Eve party on January 1st, with over 100 collaborators.

Today (25:00 a.m.) the Royal Society of Psychiatrists

the Golden Bath Public Health Doctor, the Diaboli, the Magical Sheriff, and the Disease Control Bureau,

number four, identify the infirmary.Specialized hospitals

health-enhancing hospitals, communicative disease control units, specialized public prosecutor’s offices, into the area of the village, some villages

some magical courtyards, the golden tub

Restart activities, conducted a search of 19 patients from the population of 730 villages, 78 kitchens.

Today, the team led the third villagers to conduct a screening for

the Covid-19 virus, knowing by this evening’s results from the disease investigation

by the Public Prosecution Service.Specialist found that the outbreak of Covid 19 in some districts was caused by a social gathering in

a village on January 1, 2564, and about 100 people attended

one of whom was a patient who confirmed to attend. That’s why there’s been so much contagion among the attendees.

The results of the tests found that almost

all of the infections were infected at the same time, most of which were caused by this outbreak

affecting some local populations in particular.The third

which has the highest number of patients

is a distaste for the outside world, unable to go out and earn a living.

Public health officials in the gold bath

are screening any remaining patients in

the village and will announce

the village to the local residents affected so they can black out.Life is normal and accepted by the outside world.

As for the outbreak of the 19th Kovid virus

there are currently 116 infected, 92 cured, 91 Thai

and one foreign, still infected

A disease infected with the Covid-19 virus

treated 24 times in a hospital

all Thai, with no new patient for three days in a row since January 23.

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